The RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg has two separate climate controlled underground parkades (North and South) with 729 parking stalls. Accessible parking stalls are located adjacent to each elevator with charging stations in the south parkade for electric vehicles.

Our parkades are able to accommodate standard passenger vehicles (car, half-ton trucks and vans). Oversized SUVs and other vehicles that exceed parkade height restrictions (6 feet 5 inches) are invited to use surface parking lots or street parking available throughout the downtown area.

Just a friendly reminder that even though our parkade is monitored by Security Officers and cameras 24/7, it’s still important that articles of value not be left or stored in any vehicle as the Convention Centre is not responsible for any loss or theft.

North Parkade – 2 levels of parking:

The entrance to the North Parkade is from Carlton Street (East), with the exit of the lower parking level onto Edmonton Street (West). The exit for the upper level is via Carlton Street exit (daytime hours to 3pm) or via Edmonton Street. The loading dock is located in the northwest corner of the ground level. (At the Edmonton Street & St. Mary Avenue corner)

Passenger elevators and stairwells are located at the corners of each level of the parkade.

For after hours parkade access, use Edmonton Street and St. Mary Avenue doors. The North Parkade accepts cash, credit & debit cards at exit. Exit open 24 hours.

South Parkade – 1 level of parking:

The entrance and exit to the South Parkade is from the back alley at the south end of the building off of Carlton Street (East) or Edmonton (West). The loading dock is in the same area.

Passenger elevators are located on the north wall (York Avenue) and stairwells are located on the east wall (Carlton Street).

The entrance to the South Parkade is open Monday to Friday from 6 am – 4 pm and 1 hour prior to start of South Building events. Exit open 24 hours.

The South Parkade accepts cash, debit and credit cards for payment at the pay station located beside the elevator and credit cards only at the exit.

If inquiring about monthly parking, please contact Carrie Skrepnek at carries@wcc.mb.ca

parkingmap with rbc ccw highlighted UPDATED JUNE 27, 2014 REVISED April 18, 2016

Parking Fees

First Hour$4
Each Additional 1/2 hour$2
12 Hour Maximum$18
24 Hour Maximum$22
Evening Maximum (5 pm-5 am)$10
Monthly Parking  (6 am-6 pm)$265
Monthly Parking (24 hours)$305
12 Hour Special Event Maximum$22
24 Hour Special Event Maximum$26
Canada Life Place Pre-Collect$12

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