Summer brings beautiful sunshine, warmer days, patios and of course, construction. The RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg celebrates the season by taking full advantage of longer days and is keeping on track with our construction project.

The steel structure on the new site continues to grow with sections of the roof already in place. The bridge to connect the existing building to the expanded site, will happen shortly and will be easily visible along York Avenue.

A stroll around the back side of the building along St. Mary Avenue and Carlton Street is the best place to view the new exterior signage. The new RBC Convention Centre signs look great during the day and lights up the skyline at night. Watch for more signage in the future.

Not so easily visible but incredibly important is the new Information Technology system that will be in place once the expanded facility opens in early 2016.  The RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg has retained the services of Daemon Defense Systems for the design, installation, commissioning and coordination of a state-of-the-art IT system in the existing and expanded facilities.  This specialized team is working to analyze existing and new building needs and is coordinating with all contractors and subcontractors to install a world- class IT experience for our visitors and guests.

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