Meeting Rooms 1-13

This primary meeting space can be utilized in one large meeting room that measures 21,600 sq. ft. or divided into 13 separate rooms varying in size from 600 to 3,350 sq. ft. This area can be divided into eight other room combinations depending upon the number of attendees and room style set-up.

Meeting rooms 1-13 is designed to not only accommodate meetings and banquets but can also be utilized for trade shows. In order to accommodate large pieces of equipment and specialty displays, three entrances have expanded doorways.

The ceiling height is 14 feet / 4.2 meters.

First Floor Expanded Doorways

  • York Avenue Ground Floor Main Entrance: 11′ wide x 7′ high
  • Room 5 South Entrance: 13′ wide x 10′ high
  • Room 13 Northwest Corner (Overhead door): 11′ 11″ wide x 13′ 5″ high

The main York Avenue entrance door measures 11′ wide x 7′ high and requires the placement of plywood over the floor grates. The southeast oak door entrance to Room 5 (from the southeast concourse) measures 13′ wide x 10′ high. In Room 13 (northwest corner) an overhead doorway measures 11′ 11″ wide x 13′ 5″ high. This door provides direct access to the first floor loading dock (loading dock doors 7′ 9″ wide x 8′ 8″ high) and the west side freight elevator. The freight elevator measures 7′ 6 ” wide x 7′ 10″ in height. The standard doorways of the meeting rooms are 5′ wide x 6′ 10″ high.


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