Hall A

Hall A is the largest space in the third floor exhibition hall at 47,034 square feet and is used for everything from trade shows, sporting events, concerts, dance competitions and galas. There are floor ports located every 30 feet providing utility services including electrical, mechanical, water, compressed air, gas, steam, telephone, sound and drainage.  There are four overlooking rooms that can be utilized for show offices, dressing rooms, etc. as well as a portable tiered riser unit that provides seating for special events.

A climate controlled dock that can accommodate up to seven semi-trailer units at one time is located at the north end of hall A. The entrance ramp is located on the west side of the Centre off Edmonton Street (one-way street traffic flow north) with access controlled by the Centre’s security office. The exit ramp is located on the east side of the Centre onto Carlton Street (one-way street traffic flow south). Trailers can access the exhibit hall and unload directly onto the hall floor if required.



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