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Looking for a dinner suggestion to impress that special someone? Our Executive Chef Quentin Harty offers this delicious recipe just for you!

Beef Wellington for Two

Beef Wellington for Two

12 oz – centre cut Beef Tenderloin Filet
3 Tbsp – olive oil
2 Tbsp – English mustard
6 – 8 thin slices of Prosciutto
Mushroom Duxelle – see below
500 g Puff Pastry Sheet
Flour to dust
2 egg yolks, beaten for an egg wash
Sea salt & fresh cracked pepper to taste

Season with salt and pepper and sear beef tenderloin in a hot pan on all sides. Allow beef to completely cool before proceeding to the next stage. Rub the mustard evenly over the surface of the beef. Place saran wrap on a cutting board wide enough to wrap the beef. Place the slices of prosciutto evenly on the saran wrap in a shingled manner. Spread a thin layer of the mushroom duxelle evenly over the prosciutto. Place the beef tenderloin in the middle of the prosciutto and duxelle mixture. Keeping a tight hold of the saran wrap, fold the prosciutto and duxelle carefully around the beef tenderloin to form a tight barrel shape.Twist the ends of the saran wrap to keep a tight fold around beef and chill for 30 minutes to help maintain its shape. Roll out the puff pastry on a floured surface. Remove the saran wrap from the tenderloin and place it in the center of the puff pastry. Brush the edges of the puff pastry with the egg wash. Wrap the puff pastry around the beef, trimming any excess pastry. Turn the seam side of the pastry to the bottom of a sheet pan and brush the top with egg wash. Chill the puff pastry for 15 minutes to let the pastry rest. Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Lightly score the pastry every 1 inch, and brush again with egg wash. Bake for 25 minutes or until an internal temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit.  Let the beef rest for 20 minutes before slicing. Serve with fingerling roasted rosemary potatoes and fresh seasonal vegetable. Red wine demi sauce (see below) serves well with this classic dish.

Ingredients for Red Wine Sauce
1 oz olive oil
1 finely diced shallot
1 lightly crushed clove of garlic
2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
250 ml red wine
250 ml beef stock
1 oz unsalted cubes of raw butter
Sea salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste

Saute the shallots in a medium sauce pan with the olive oil over medium high heat for about 3 minutes until lightly browned. Add the garlic and rosemary and continue to cook for another 3 minutes stirring frequently careful to not burn the shallots. Add the vinegar and cook down until a syrupy consistency. Add the red wine and reduce by two thirds, until you have approximately 3 ounces. Pour in the beef stock and bring to a boil, turn down the heat and reduce by two thirds again. Remove the garlic and rosemary, add the cubes of raw unsalted butter and swirl off the heat. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve immediately, do not keep sauce on the heat.

Ingredients for Duxelle
400 g of white button mushrooms
1 shallot, minced
1 oz unsalted butter
1 tbsp fresh chopped thyme
Sea salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste

In a food processor, pulse the mushrooms to a course paste. Add the butter, shallot and mushrooms to a frying pan and cook over high heat while tossing frequently. Cook for approximately 10 minutes, until au sec (almost dry). Add the fresh thyme, and season with salt and pepper to taste. Allow mixture to cool, and refrigerate for later use.

Tips from Chef

  • Use an instant read electric thermometer to check the internal temperature of the beef.
  • Cut the beef just prior to serving, and serve the sauce on the side or underneath to keep the presentation of the beef.
  • The duxelle can be made in advance and kept refrigerated.
  • Adding the cubes of raw butter to the sauce will slightly thicken the sauce. However it must be added off the heat and kept off the heat in a warm place or it may break the sauce.

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