Setting the Stage for Hybrid and Virtual Meetings

Planning a meeting? Have you considered a Virtual Presentation Stage?

We have teamed up with Encore Canada to transform our Millennium Suite into a state-of-the-art facility ready for hosting a variety of online and hybrid events.   Encore’s Virtual Presentation Stage comes with a complete technical set up that’s equipped to deliver any on-line solution. 

With complimentary Wi-Fi and optimal internet bandwidth throughout our building, our Centre is focused on keeping pace with technology and offering exceptional service for hybrid and virtual events now and in the future.

To further support your hybrid event needs, we have DES (Digital Event Strategist) certified staff who are prepared to assist clients with the planning of hybrid conferences and events.

The Future of Hybrid

Without a crystal ball, we recognize that the future of meetings and events will continue to take on a different look moving into 2021 and beyond. We recently asked Tom Borsa, Director of Sales & Business Development, Prairie Region Encore Canada about hybrid and virtual events as well as their MeetSAFE guidelines.

1)   What does the future of meetings and events look like?
For the remainder of 2021 we are going to see the majority of events continue in the virtual space with the move to hybrid events.  As we start to see face-to-face meetings resume, we will see a huge need for a hybrid component for all events for 2022-2023, and to a lesser extent from 2024 onward.

2)   What is the difference between hybrid and virtual?
A virtual event is a meeting where all presenters and participants are remote or working from outside a normal meeting environment.  A hybrid event will combine an in-person experience with a virtual experience to accommodate attendees comfort level in attending an event, and allowing for both an in-person meeting experience and an equally engaging experience for those attending from home or outside of the in-person space.

3)   Tell us about the Encore Presentation Stage. What types of organization have been using the space?  What are the advantages?
We have had the fortune of working with companies on awards events, AGMs, information sessions, full conferences and national announcements. Basically, any and every type of meeting you can think of.  Our studio can do both hybrid and virtual meetings, per the needs of the event and the comfort level of the client.  We have also been able to help organizations bring in presenters they could not normally afford which has allowed them to reach far larger audiences than ever before.

4)   What hybrid meeting options do you provide and what are the benefits?
We work with individual clients and organizations to determine the needs and scope of their event and then tailor from this discovery the best delivery method and platform for their event.  This way we ensure the engagement and attendee experience is in line with the individual organization and meets all their expectations and brand needs.

5)   What are your MeetSAFE guidelines?
We have developed a national standard of guidelines to allow meetings to take place in the safest possible manner.  From sanitization, social distancing, new policies around microphones and shared technologies, to onboarding and coaching companies on how to present in this new environment. We work with all aspects in order to create a safe space to meet and connect.

For more information on how Encore Canada can make this work for you, contact Tom Borsa, Director of Sales & Business Development for Manitoba and Saskatchewan at 204-775-6306 Ext. 224 or 204-899-5021. Tom.Borsa@encoreglobal.com

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