Preferred Partner – Tripwire Media

Tripwire Media is a full-service video production company, specializing in all types of corporate and short-form videos. From mini-documentaries, instructional videos and testimonials, to animated explainer videos and 3D architectural videos.  Tripwire works closely with their clients to help tell their story and get their message to their viewers.

They work with a vast array of organizations, industries and professions, including health, manufacturing, app-development and charities. They have worked with numerous local companies, like the City of Winnipeg, Tourism Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Airports Authority as well as national companies, such as National Leasing, Marks, and Scotiabank; and international companies, including Unilever, Tabasco and AOL. Tripwire has the experience and ability to accommodate different budgets and scope.

“We have had the opportunity to work with Tripwire several times and are always impressed with their work ethic and the quality of their finished product,” said David Chizda, Director of Sales & Business Development, RBC Convention Centre.

Tripwire helps their clients and companies tell their stories in ways that will inspire and embolden their target audiences.

The RBC Convention Centre is pleased to have Tripwire as part of its Preferred Partner Program.  We encourage you to consider contacting one of our preferred partners as we are confident they would provide you with exceptional service and product that would help make your event a success.