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It’s all about the food!!! Our world renowned chefs create wonderful and memorable menus to satisfy every palate. From fresh ingredients to made in Manitoba specialties, we are confident your guests will be impressed.

We are pleased that our Executive Chef Quentin Harty has been developing and honing his skills and talent as a professional chef with us for over 20years. He has planned and prepared multi-course gourmet dinners for such notable dignitaries as Ray Hnatyshyn, Former Governor General of Canada, Madame Sauvé, Former Governor General of Canada, Francois Mitterand, Former President of France In 1989, and he was the personal chef of Their Royal Highnesses, The Duke and Duchess of York.

To add to this, Quentin has won numerous awards in national competitions right across the country and is recognized as one of Canada’s best chefs. His creativity and experience is reflected in all that he does, from the menu planning stage to the preparation of intricate hors d’oeuvres and spectacular ice sculptures.

Catering & Beverage Menus

The RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg is the exclusive supplier of all food & beverage services within the Centre. Browse our Catering and Beverage Menus to get a sense of the wide variety and selections we offer from coffee breaks to buffets and everything in between.

Full Menu

  • For your convenience, you can download our full menu which includes all of the individual menus listed below.




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 Beverage Services


  • Saturdays, Sundays, and statutory holidays are not considered business days.
  • Menu prices are confirmed no more than six (6) months prior to the date of the event.
  • All food and beverage services are subject to 7% PST, 15% Service Charge & 5% GST

Quick Tax Calculation:

  • To quickly calculate the cost per person including the added taxes/service fee use this formula:
    Item per person price x 1.2775 = Item per person inclusive of taxes/service fee

Catering Information

The RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg is committed to the highest standards of quality and service. The following will assist you in planning your event.

The Event Coordinator is the individual responsible for taking and communicating all the details and ensuring that you, the client, provide all the information that is required to make your event a success. Menu details, audio visual requirements, changes to plans, requests and communications must be directed to your Event Coordinator.

All food and beverage products served at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg will be prepared and served by our Catering Department. Requests for special products or product sampling at trade shows must be submitted to the Centre for approval. Please consult with your Event Coordinator for details.

Pursuant to a license agreement between the Society of Composers, Authors and Music and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN), the Centre is obligated to collect SOCAN license fees, in accordance with applicable tariffs, from all licensees and users of the facility in respect of the performance of musical works on the premises which are arranged for or authorized by the Licensee. If you have arranged for music at your event, the Centre will assess the SOCAN licensing fee payable by you, in accordance with the applicable tariffs.

Re:Sound is a music licensing company empowered to collect license fees on behalf of artists and record companies in accordance with the Copyright Act. Pursuant to a License Agreement between the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg and Re:Sound, the Centre is obligated to collect Re:Sound License Fees, in accordance with applicable tariffs, from all LICENSEES and Users of the facility with respect to the performance in public of published sound recordings embodying musical works and performers’ performances of such works on the premises which are arranged for or authorized by the Licensee.

To assist us with providing the best possible service, we require your final menu selections and an estimated number of guests 30 days prior to each meal function. The Centre requires all information relative to special dietary requirements by noon, no less than three (3) working days in advance of each meal function. Note: Saturdays, Sundays, and statutory holidays are not considered working days. The RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg may re-assign your event to another function room pending substantial increases or decreases in expected attendance.

For meal functions of 1,000 guests or more: It is necessary that we receive your “final guarantee” (confirmed attendance) for each individual meal function by Noon, five (5) business days prior to the date of the event. For meal functions less than 1,000 guests, three (3) business days notice is required. Actual attendance will be billed only if it exceeds the final guarantee.

The Centre will be prepared to serve 5% over the “final guarantee” to a maximum of 50 meals. The client will be billed based on the “final guarantee” or the actual number of meals served, whichever is greater.

May apply on some events where room rental is waived, or on statutory holidays, or when major changes to the room set up are required. Such services may be prearranged through your Event
Coordinator, with applicable charges.

For all buffet services, minimum guarantee requirements apply.

A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm the booking on a definite basis.

The RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of any articles left at our facilities prior to, during, or following any event. The client is responsible for any damage to RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg premises by their guests, agents or independent contractors acting on their behalf.

Food and Beverage pricing is subject to a 15% service charge and all applicable taxes (7% PST and 5% GST)

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