Feeling Green and Proud of it!

Every day is Earth Day at the RBC Convention Centre as we work hard to develop and sustain an overall greener facility.

Since 2007, the convention centre has been a BOMA BESt certified building by the Building Owners and Managers Association. BESt stands for Building Environmental Standards, and BESt-certified buildings lead the way in energy and water conservation, waste reduction, indoor air quality and operational best practices.

Having recently received our LEED® Silver Certification, we are proud to meet one of the highest environmental performance standards in the world, assessed by site development, water efficiency, energy efficiency, material selection, indoor air quality and innovation in design.

We continue to monitor our resource consumption, expand and improve processes and implement new technologies that support a greener facility:

  • computer system that monitors all of the engines in the facility, turning them off during off-peak hours (in unused space or overnight)
  • additional electrical circuits in order to turn off lights/power in stages
  • replacement of all incandescent and mercury light fixtures with energy efficient options that not only utilizes less energy but require replacement less frequently
  • timers to operate the parkade lights (reduced during off-peak hours)
  • automation of trade show service forms, eliminating printed materials, envelopes and postage required to mail the thousands of packages to show managers and exhibitors
  • donation or sale of used materials/items in any remodeling processes (all fixtures, wiring, furniture are donated or sold at a reduced rate)
  • hybrid heating system that uses real time intelligent controls to track and manage heating demand and automatically switches between fossil fuel based heating sources and electric heat to reduce energy costs, decrease green house gas emissions and increase efficiencies.
  • elimination of plastic water bottles replacing them with water stations