Preferred Partner – Academy Florist

Flower Power with Academy Florist

Flowers have the power to change the atmosphere of any space and for over 35 years, Academy Florist has been doing just that.

From adding that special touch at a registration table to creating stunning centerpieces for a gala dinner, Academy Florist creates pieces with stunning results.

“We pride ourselves in not only our expertise as professional florists but also our love for good and intentional floral design,” said Irene Seaman, Academy Florist.  “Flowers carry with them life, celebration and beauty and we have every intention of blowing you away when you see what we can create for your event, conference, reception or wedding.”

Working closely with their clients, Academy Florist takes into account the theme, colour and budget of the event in order to manage all expectations.

“We know that when we recommend Academy Florist to our clients, there is no doubt that they will receive a top quality product with exceptional customer service,” said David Chizda, director of sales and business development, RBC Convention Centre.

The RBC Convention Centre is pleased to have Academy Florist as part of its Preferred Partner Program.  We encourage you to consider contacting one of our preferred partners as we are confident they would provide you with exceptional service that would help make your event a success.

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