Fast and Free

Staying connected at conventions, tradeshows and events is paramount for every guest, delegate and participant. That’s why the RBC Convention Centre recently upgraded and expanded its wireless capabilities to ensure connectivity is constant and reliable 24/7.

Not only do we offer FREE Wi-Fi, it’s the fastest around. With over 185 access points throughout the north and south building, all meeting and conference rooms including street level has access to FREE public Wi-Fi thanks to our technology partner TELUS.

TELUS has been actively expanding its public Wi-Fi network by strategically selecting locations with high foot traffic and/or dwell times – where Wi-Fi matters most to customers.

When we partnered with them, we wanted to ensure our Wi-Fi network integrated seamlessly with TELUS’ 4G wireless network by automatically shifting TELUS smartphone customers to Wi-Fi and helping them moderate their use of wireless data.

Unlike other Wi-Fi networks, TELUS’ free and friendly Wi-Fi is open to everyone – not just TELUS customers. TELUS smartphones will automatically establish a secure connection to the #TELUSdirect network when they are in range. Non-TELUS customers can connect to #TELUS through a simple splash page to enjoy the same service.

“Demand for wireless data outside the home is exploding and our customers are looking for more ways to connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere,” said Eros Spadotto, TELUS’ executive vice-president of Technology Strategy. “Our public Wi-Fi network is built to complement our world-class 4G network by providing our customers with new ways to connect and enjoy the best possible network experience, while also enabling our business clients to offer added value to their own customers.”

TELUS Wi-Fi is part of the company’s network strategy to deploy small cells that complement Canada’s most reliable 4G network, which reaches more than 99 per cent of Canadians, and optimize network resources to provide superior speeds and service for TELUS customers.

So when you’re here, feel free to connect and click away. We’ve got you covered!

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