Consumer & Trade Show Regulations

In order to ensure that your Consumer/Trade Show is successful, a number of details and regulations must be considered. Some of these are municipal requirements that must be applied. Early preparation will assist in making the show a success and our Event Coordinators will provide full timelines.

Show Management
The Centre will require a representative of the Show Management Company (or the Show Manager), to make themselves available for a pre-ingress/ post-egress facility inspection. A “clean” facility will be provided for each show, and it must be left in the same condition upon the show’s egress. In the event that the Centre must undertake extensive cleaning of any sort in the exhibit halls, these costs will be invoiced directly to the show management, along with any costs relative to the delay in the ingress of a succeeding show.

Exhibitor/ Show Floor Plans
The Centre should receive your exhibitor/ show floor plans a minimum of 2 months prior to the date of the show. This time allows for the distribution of exhibitor packages, which provide order forms for the exhibitors to order the appropriate services. The final floor plans must be provided to the Centre a minimum of 30 days prior to the show date. It is strongly recommended that any changes to booth assignments or floor plan be submitted to the Centre to ensure accuracy of online ordering

All floor plans must meet local fire department regulations.

Fire Department and Safety Regulations
See fire department regulations for display instructions. All shows must meet the City of Winnipeg Fire Department Regulations and floor plans must be pre-approved. The show will not be allowed to open unless all regulations are met.  Draping cannot be used on electrical boxes.

All materials used for draping or decorations must be fire resistant or treated with a flame retardant solution to meet with a flame test as provided in the municipal code of Winnipeg for fire prevention.

You are required to report immediately any unsafe condition or accident of which you have knowledge to the Security desk at 204-957-4523 or the show management.

Alcohol consumption is prohibited during move-in and move-out of shows.

In accordance with the City of Winnipeg Smoking by-law all RBC Convention Centre property/ facility is designated non-smoking. This includes but is not limited to cigarettes, e-cigarettes, recreational and medicinal use cannabis. Medicinal users are permitted to smoke outdoors, but must be 8 meters from a building entrance.

As per the Manitoba Employment Standard Code, children under 16 years of age are not permitted on the show floor during move-in or tear down. Please also note, that as per the Ministry of Labour, Proper Protective Equipment is required to be worn while all tear down and move-out activity is taking place.

A Fire Extinguisher is required for any booth with awnings

All booths that have heating equipment (Stove, Chaffers, etc.) must be equipped with a Fire Extinguisher

Enclosed or covered structures are NOT permitted unless certified by the Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Services, have an independent sprinkler system or are open to the ceiling. All materials used in the construction of such enclosures must be flame proofed. All additional extinguishers must be supplied by exhibitors.

Any display using flammable fuels must ensure that the container is properly sealed and protected so that it cannot be accidentally knocked over.

Service Desk
A service desk is recommended and will be located on the floor of the exhibition and clearly marked. All services not previously arranged and paid for must be paid at the service desk upon request of services.

Work passes should be supplied by the show management. This would eliminate the need for security passes to be issued. This area is to be staffed by the Show Management or alternately by the Centre staff at the prevailing hourly rate during ALL ingress/egress periods.

Show Security
It is the RBC Convention Centre’s practice to provide, at the client’s expense, security staff to trade shows. The number of staff and scheduled hours are determined in consultation with the client and a cost estimate is submitted to the client for review, before being entered into the event details.

Booth Layouts
It is recommended that exhibits or booths be numbered to allow for easy identification by tradesmen, show or convention delegates. Often the sign on the booth of exhibit is different from the given trade name, which allows for confusion unless a standard number system is utilized. All booth decorations and exhibit materials must be kept within the confines of the rented booth dimensions

No booth decorations or exhibit materials will block the visibility of another Exhibits. Painting or fastening to walls, floors, ceiling or any part of the building is not permitted. Attaching signs or display material to the show contractor’s equipment will be by approved methods only. Balloons, stick-on decals, or similar products will not be permitted within the building. If an exhibitor’s carpet is not installed by the Office Show Contractor, then removal of tape/ residue/ any other adhesive material used is the responsibility of the Exhibitor; otherwise, the cost of removal will be billed back to the Exhibitor. Any damage to the building or show dressings will be the responsibility of the Exhibitor. Exhibitor shall promptly pay for any and all damages to the Exhibit Facility or associated facilities, booth equipment or the property of others caused by Exhibitor.

Distribution of samples and printed matter of any kind, and any promotional material, is restricted to the exhibitor booth. All exhibits shall display products or service in a tasteful manner. The aisles, passageways and overhead spaces remain strictly under control of Master Promotions and no signs, decorations, banners, advertising material, or special exhibits will be permitted in the aisles except by written permission of Master Promotions. The sale of raffle tickets, lotteries and/ or gambling is not permitted. Master Promotions reserves the right to limit any audio or visual activity within the exhibit space, if they deem it to be disruptive or inappropriate for the event

Use of masking, duck tape, clear packaging and plastic/based tape are prohibited. Labour/ Repair charges will apply to remove prohibited tapes from the Convention Centre property. A “clean” facility will be provided for each show, and it must be left in the same condition upon the show’s egress.

Floor Covering

Contact RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg’s Exhibitor Services at 204-957-4538 or services@wcc.mb.ca to discuss all floor covering regulations and acceptable adhesive.

The cost of booth carpet/floor covering is not included in the booth rental; exhibitors must bring or rent their own floor covering.

Painting, nailing or drilling of floor is not permitted. Exhibitors wishing to lay tile/brick or other floor covering, or build any structure, may not adhere it directly to the building floor. It is required that building paper, plastic sheeting, or some other suitable protection be laid on the building floor.

Upon removal of each booth, the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg and Show Management will inspect each space for any damages incurred by the exhibitor and to check that all materials, including tape residue left on the floor, are properly removed. Any charges to make good the exhibit space will be passed on to the exhibitor. All garbage, and disposal of leftover materials are the responsibility of the exhibitor, if materials are left in the booth, the fee for disposal will be passed on to the exhibitor.

Exhibitor Services
The RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg is the exclusive supplier of Food & Beverage, Electrical, Plumbing, Overhead work, Internet and Technology and Housekeeping. If you require further information please contact  Exhibitor Services at (204) 957-4538 during business hours.

The supplying of services by outside contractors within the RBC Convention Centre, may result in a fee charged to the supplier and/or client. The Centre must approve such services in advance of the event.

A service desk is recommended and will be located on the floor of the exhibition and clearly marked. All services not previously arranged and paid for must be paid at the service desk upon request of services.

Please ensure you complete the necessary forms or placed online orders for the services you require. Online ordering and Exhibitor forms are available here.

Each service is sold on a per booth or per exhibitor basis.

The RBC Convention Centre will not rent any material handling equipment, other than the Scissor Lift or Forklift at the prevailing rate. Forklifts are not permitted on any carpeted surface.  Please bring your own tools, ladders and dollies etc. to build or transport your exhibit.

Ingress and Egress
All deliveries for exhibits on the 3rd Floor are to be made directly to the 3rd floor, via the truck entrance ramp off Edmonton Street. Drivers are to be notified that they are to wait until the ramp doors are completely open before proceeding into the building. The same applies when leaving through the Carlton Street exit. The dockmaster controls the access/ traffic to the loading and receiving areas. All deliveries to the ground floor meeting rooms are to be made solely through the Edmonton and St. Mary Street ground level loading dock.

The RBC Convention Centre will not accept shipments of any kind for trade show/ exhibitions. All materials should be consigned to the contracted display company for the show.

Passenger elevators and escalators are not to be used for transporting freight or equipment from level to level. This includes hand dollies/handcarts and hand carrying boxes, easels, chairs, tables, etc. The upper parkade level in the north building is serviced by two freight elevators which must be used to move any display units or other goods from the parkade level to the Centre’s function rooms. Display units, goods and other materials are not allowed to be transported via the passenger elevators.

Aisles are maintained by the RBC Convention Centre staff. Vendors are asked to bring any of their waste to the designated locations during the show. Packing material, pallets and Construction waste (e.g. Carpet, Wood, Bricks, Concrete) that are discarded before and after the show are not to be placed into these bins. These materials should be removed by the Exhibitor, as they are not handled by the RBC Convention Centre.  If exhibitors are having heavy crates removed at the completion of a show, they should inform the carriers, who will be coming to pick up same, in order that they send the number of persons required to do the job. The RBC Convention Centre personnel are not expected and will not be aiding the carriers to lift and move heavy articles.

Any materials that are not removed from the RBC Convention Centre at the stipulated time will be handed over to a storage company for holding at the expense of the exhibitor or show management. The exhibitor agrees that the RBC Convention Centre has the right to dismantle and pack any property of the exhibitor who has failed to do so in the time allotted. Or may order such work done at the sole expense of the exhibitor without incurring any liability for damage or loss.

Elevator Operator
The Centre will provide, at no additional charge to the client, one Elevator Operator, who will be responsible to provide access to the show floor to any attendees or participants who are unable to use the escalators or stairs. The Elevator Operator’s schedule will be communicated, in the event details, by the Coordinator. Additional elevator operators are at the expense of the show.


The RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg will coordinate a dockmaster, via our in house security provider. Reporting directly to the RBC Convention Centre Security Manager, the dockmaster’s responsibilities encompass access to and traffic control of the loading and receiving areas. The dockmaster’s responsibilities do not include any activity on the show floor (which is the responsibility of the show management).

The Event Coordinator and the Client will determine the precise hours the dock master will be required, for both ingress and egress of the show.

Electrical permit
The RBC Convention Centre will register for this permit from the City of Winnipeg with the fee included in the final invoice from the Centre to the show.

Exhibitors are not allowed to use the RBC Convention Centre’s plug in receptacles. Before any electronic equipment can be connected, the equipment must have a CSA approval sticker.

Alterations to any part of the structure of the Centre, or to items of furniture or equipment forming part of it, may not be made without prior written authorization from the RBC Convention Centre in each individual case. These prohibitions include the drilling of holes, mechanical fastening (nails, staples, push pins etc.) or adhesive fastening (tape, glue, sticky Velcro, etc.) and the attaching in any manner of decals, promotional literature or items. Failure to comply will result in a $50.00 minimum penalty per occurrence to the client. Labour/ Repair charges will apply to remove prohibited tapes/ decals from the RBC Convention Centre. 

All tape, etc. that is used to mark spaces on floors must be removed at the completion of the show. If this is not completed, the cost of removal of same will be charged to the show management.

Nails, pins, tack, etc., as well as cellophane tape, duct tape, glue and foam stick are prohibited. Touch up of exhibits, etc., must be done in such a manner as not to deface or damage the RBC Convention Centre’s property. Proper precautions must be taken, otherwise, repairs and cleaning will be carried out at the renter’s expense.

It is the responsibility of the show management that all construction waste (bricks, concrete, pallets, etc) is removed from the RBC Convention Centre at the completion of every show. If they show management fails to do so, fees for removal will apply.

Waste Diversion program

Please speak to your Event Coordinator regarding the waste diversion program appropriate to you requirements

There is no parking of private vehicles will be allowed on the 3rd floor loading dock or in the ground floor loading dock area. If illegally parked, they will be removed at the owner’s expense.

Delivery or pick-up vehicles are not allowed on the Exhibition Floor without prior permission from the RBC Convention Centre. Any vehicles that are not part of the exhibit are to be removed from the exhibit floor 3 hours prior to the opening to allow for aisle cleaning.

*NO vehicle with studded tires will be allowed on the exhibit hall floor

*NO vehicle that is wet, muddy or snow covered will be allowed on the exhibit floor until clean and dry

*NO parking of private vehicles will be allowed on the 3rd floor loading dock or in the ground floor loading dock area. If illegally parked, they will be removed at the owner’s expense. 

The show/event Management is responsible for all licenses and taxes due to the municipal, provincial and federal governments. (Includes municipal business and entertainment licenses/taxes if applicable). 

Soliciting at Shows
Anyone who is soliciting during the exhibitions without show management authorization will be asked to leave by the Centre and/or event security. 

Forklift Operation
It is important that all forklift operators are informed to drive slowly as these units mark the floor if handled incorrectly. The Manitoba Labour Board and the RBC Convention Centre require that only experienced and licensed drivers handle this equipment. A valid license must be presented upon request.

Show Information
The show office telephone number(s) and if applicable, the show Website should be included in all advertising. If any Celebrities will be appearing in the show, the show times, dates and admission prices should be provided. The Centre requests that the show telephone number and Website be provided in advance to the Centre’s General Office in order that this information can be provided to the public upon request via the Centre’s switchboard operator. Any printed advertising should include the Corporate Logo of the Centre. This can be provided by the Centre upon request in black & white or colour format.

The RBC Convention Centre reserves the right to assess a commission on all signage (static, electronic) and promotional advertising displays (window skins, stair skins, garbage can wraps, etc.) to the show management for which they generate revenue in both rented areas and common areas. Commission does not apply to signage hung over/in a booth with messaging related to the booth.

Unique regulations exist around the Federal and Provincial legislation of promotions, use and sales of Cannabis products, accessories and their derivatives. Please see the https://www.wcc.mb.ca/exhibitors/order-forms/ for further clarification.

Signs & Banners
The hanging of signs & banners within the Centre, require advance notice via your Event Coordinator. The Centre’s technicians handle the hanging of all signs & banners within the facility and advance notification is required in order to ensure that manpower is scheduled within normal business hours. An allowance for the number of signs & banners to be hung is dependent upon the event. Large numbers of signs and banners may be assessed a labour fee (in accordance to rates listed on our labour Rates Sheet). Also, the hanging of signs and banners during non-business hours may result in overtime/and or call in rates. Advance planning and delivery of the signs & banners is required.

The RBC Convention Centre has the right to refuse hanging any banner that is deemed unsafe.

Helium Balloons
Helium used for balloons and balloon decorations is restricted within the Centre. All helium-filled balloons or other inflatable’s are permitted if approved by the facility. A deposit by the Exhibitor is required in case of the removal of helium balloons, which have come un-tethered. Therefore, the exhibitor must ensure that all balloons are secured and upon the completion of the show must be deflated. Helium balloons must not be handed out. Helium balloons are not allowed in the York Ballroom and Hall C.  Please contact Exhibitor Services at (204) 957-4538 or services@wcc.mb.ca to enquire about approval.

Out of safety concerns for guests, employees, and building, as well as concerns for individual privacy, the Centre prohibits the operations or use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), or drones, by anyone – including recreational users and hobbyists – without prior written authorization from the Centre. This prohibition includes drones used for any purpose whatsoever, whether filming or videotaping, for commercial or personal purposes, or by media or journalists.

Lost and Found
All lost and found articles are catalogued and stored for 30 days at which time they are disposed of at the discretion of the facility. To enquire about lost and found items, please contact the Security Desk at (204) 957-4523.

Animals or pets, with the exception of Service Animals are not permitted in the RBC Convention Centre. Exceptions are for approved exhibit, activity or performance requiring use of animals. Owners take full responsibility for their animals, which must be leashed or in an enclosed pen. Please contact Exhibitor Services at (204) 957-4538 or services@wcc.mb.ca to enquire about approval.

Food and Beverage Concessionaires
The RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg must approve, in advance, any concessions where consumable goods are sold. Click here for the Food/Beverage Concessionaires Authorization. This form must be submitted prior to the show opening. A charge of $125.00 per 8’ x 10’ booth per day will be applied to the Exhibitor and must be paid prior to show opening.

Concessions will be limited to items applicable to the show and items dispensed are limited to products manufactured, processed or distributed by the exhibiting firm. Only bulk or take home consumable items will be considered for approval.

Extensive food preparation (prepping, cooking and washing onsite) may require a separate Temporary Food Service Establishment. Permit from a Public Health Inspector and must adhere to all City of Winnipeg Environmental Health Services Guidelines.

See link under http://www.gov.mb.ca/health/publichealth/environmentalhealth/protection/docs/tempfood.pdf

Concession fees for merchandise sold at concerts and entertainment events are negotiated on a separate basis.

Food and Beverage Sample Distribution Policy
The Centre provides exclusive food and beverage services within the Centre. Exposition sponsoring organizations and/or their exhibitors may distribute sample food and/or beverage products applicable to their business and the show only upon written authorization. Click here for the  Food/Beverage Sampling Distribution Authorization. The Sample Food and /or Beverage Distribution Form must be submitted prior to show opening for approval. Food and/or Beverage items used as traffic promoters (ie: Popcorn, coffee, bottled water, bar service) MUST be purchased from the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg. All alcoholic beverages are regulated under the regulations of the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba. Extensive food preparation (prepping, cooking and washing onsite) may require a separate Temporary Food Service Establishment Permit from a Public Health Inspector under http://www.gov.mb.ca/health/publichealth/environmentalhealth/protection/docs/tempfood.pdf

RBC Convention Centre Cash Food Concessions
Where the show Management requests a cash food concession, a minimum of $150.00 in sales per hour must be achieved. If hourly minimums (on average by day) are not reached, the client will be charged at prevailing hourly rates for a minimum of four hours; or for total hours worked by staff. Staff assigned to concessions includes: Servers, bus person and cashiers. The Centre maintains the right to decide on operation size, staffing levels and menus.

The RBC Convention Centre requires that all LICENSEES have comprehensive general liability insurance. Licensees will provide evidence of coverage (copy of certificate) for comprehensive general liability insurance to a minimum single combined limit of  $5 million bodily injury and property damage, or such other limit as the Centre may deem appropriate, and tenant’s legal liability insurance to a minimum limit of $500,000. The RBC Convention Centre reserves the right to specify increased limits respecting liability insurance per event. The Licensee further agrees that it will procure public liability, property damage, employer’s liability and fire and extended perils coverage’s in such limits as the RBC Convention Centre shall require and a certificate of insurance evidencing such coverage in form and content satisfactory to the Centre and shall be delivered to the RBC Convention Centre by Licensee at least FIVE DAYS prior to the date upon which the Licensee is to take possession of any of the designated areas. LICENSEE/Clients, who do not have an insurance company, can make application through the RBC Convention Centre to AON Reed Stenhouse/Sports-Can Insurance consultants Ltd. An application form must be completed and received by the RBC Convention Centre a MINIMUM OF THREE WEEKS PRIOR to the date of the event. Coverage cannot be guaranteed by the RBC Convention Centre and is subject to all conditions/limitations as designated by the broker/insurance company. Consult the RBC Convention Centre’s Comprehensive General Liability Insurance information.

Pursuant to a license agreement between the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN), the RBC Convention Centre is obligated to collect SOCAN license fees, in accordance with applicable tariffs, from all Licensees and users of the facility in respect of the performance of musical works on the premises which are arranged for authorized by the Licensee. If you have arranged for music at your event, the RBC Convention Centre will assess the SOCAN licensing fees payable by you, in accordance with the applicable tariffs. To obtain the fee for your event contact your Event Coordinator.

Re:Sound is a music licensing company empowered to collect license fees on behalf of artists and record companies in accordance with the Copyright Act. Pursuant to a License Agreement between the RBC Convention Centre and Re:Sound, the RBC Convention Centre is obligated to collect Re:Sound License Fees in accordance with applicable tariffs, from all licensees and users of the facility with respect to the performance in public of published sound recordings embodying musical works and performers’ performances of such works on the premises which are arranged for or authorized by the licensee.

For any events requiring specialized lighting, sound and other theatrical equipment for event, performances, etc. labour must be contracted/completed by employees of Local 63 of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and Moving Picture Machine Operators of the United States and Canada (I.A.T.S.E.). Local contact – Mr. Jason Jaques (204) 775-6198 or (204)-799-2677. This requirement if for the 3rd floor exhibition hall and does not include other event set up items such as: setting stages, seating maintenance of equipment, food & beverage set up, etc., as these are provided by the Centre. For further information on these services, contact your Event Coordinator.

RBC Convention Centre Ticketing
For public shows/exhibitions, operation of event day box office in the Centre is carried out by the RBC Convention Centre. Clients are to be advised to contact ticketing@wcc.mb.ca directly (204) 957-4544 to make necessary arrangements. RBC Convention Centre will retain the box office receipts. Within three working days after the end of the event, the Centre will make settlement with the show management.

Ticket Takers
For all public trade and consumer shows, the Convention Centre requires that RBC Convention Centre Ticket Takers, at the expense of the client, shall work at all public entrance points to the show. Staffing level is assessed based on anticipated attendance and traffic to the show, as follows:
– For all shows with a projected attendance of 5,000 or more: Two ticket takers will be required at all “Principal Entrances” (all those entrances where tickets are collected).
– For access to the third floor: There will always be a minimum of two ticket takers for either the East or West Grate entrances. When both entrances are used, two ticket takers at each will be required.

RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg Ticket Takers will not be required for “Secondary Entrances” (those entrances where tickets are not collected, but where access may be controlled by checking for hand stamp or wrist band). Show Management may control these Secondary Entrances with their own staff or contract the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg to do so. The Ticket Takers are Security Department employees and their scheduled hours will be determined in consultation with the client. A cost estimate will be submitted and reviewed with the client before being entered into the event details by the Coordinator.

Stay Informed