Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

The Centre requires that all Licensees (Clients) have comprehensive general liability insurance. Licensees (Clients) will provide evidence of coverage for comprehensive general liability insurance to a minimum single combined limit of $5 million bodily injury and property damage, or such other limit as The Centre may deem appropriate, and tenant’s legal liability insurance to a minimum limit of $500.000. The Centre reserves the right to specify increased limits respecting liability insurance per event.
Licensee further agrees that it will procure public liability, property damage, employer’s liability and fire & extended perils coverage in such limits as The Centre shall require and a certificate of insurance evidencing such coverage in form and content satisfactory to The Centre shall be delivered to The Centre by Licensee at least five days prior to the date upon which Licensee is to take possession of any of the designated areas.

Events Requiring Insurance

The Centre retains the right to designate the need for insurance coverage. Events requiring insurance coverage include (but not limited to) the following;

  • Conventions
  • Trade & Consumer Shows
  • Entertainment Events
  • Social Events
  • Sporting Events (includes Boxing, Wrestling, etc.)
  • Safe Graduation Events
  • Others -as designated by the Centre.

Events Excluded From Insurance Coverage

The events listed below do not usually require insurance coverage, however, this is dependent upon the risk and exposure and may be designated by the Centre as an event, which will require insurance coverage;

  • Business meetings & seminars,
  • Food & Beverage Events [Breakfast, luncheons & dinners/banquets]
  • Others -as designated by the Centre.

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