The Cranes Have Landed

The view around the RBC Convention Centre is changing like the seasons!  Except we’re moving a little quicker than Mother Nature!

If you’re planning a trip downtown or taking a stroll around York Avenue, remember to look up – look way up.

Cranes have taken over the construction site and have been hard at work lifting and positioning steel beams and trusses. By the end of April, 40% of the third floor exhibition hall roof trusses will be in place.

If you’re standing near the construction site, look down.  The underground parkade is being prepped for concrete and plumbing work that will start this month.

If you look at the south façade on the existing facility on York, you will notice the ongoing demolition and steel frame of the new skywalk. This skywalk will extend across York and attach to the new building to the south.

If you look at the north and northeast side of the building along St. Mary Avenue, you’ll notice preparations have started for the installation of new external signage which should be shining bright by the end of the month.

Regardless of what Mother Nature has been demonstrating lately, spring is coming. But after a winter of extreme temperatures, we haven’t slowed down. The construction project is on target to have a substantial completion by the end of 2015 and on target to open first quarter of 2016.

Stay Informed