With colder temperatures and snowy days upon us, the push is on to enclose as much of the RBC Convention Centre expansion as possible so interior work can continue in a heated environment. There’s a buzz of activity along York, Carlton and Edmonton as construction crews continue to work hard to get the job done before frigid temperatures become the hot topic.

A walk outside along Carlton Street shows off the pre-function space through the first and second floor windows of the new building.  The windows along the York Avenue Plaza are being framed and should be in place shortly. Steelwork throughout the building is 98% done with the new truck ramp up to the 3rd floor exhibition hall complete.

Inside, the interior framing and partitions are proceeding.  The floor of the third floor City View Room has been poured and renovation and code compliances of the existing building have started.

Not so easily visible but incredibly important are some of the behind the scenes work being done. The design of the new state-of-the-art Information Technology design system is 95% complete, the proposals for kitchen equipment have been received and the selection of furniture, fixtures and equipment will begin shortly.

Always great to report the expansion is proceeding as planned and continues to be on target and on budget. Check out the Construction Cam to watch the expansion progress and watch the Winnipeg landscape turn white!

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