Buzzing with Rooftop Excitement

There’s a new queen in downtown Winnipeg and she’s creating quite a buzz.

We’re proud to partner with the Beeproject and their Urban Pollination Project. Since the hive was installed this spring, those little critters have been working their magic. It’s amazing to have an opportunity to get up close to the hive, learn about the basics of beekeeping, and see the magic of honey production and the intricacies of how a hive functions.

Here’s some interesting facts that Beeprojects has shared with us:

  • The population of pollinators is on a decline globally. These pollinators, including the honeybee, are responsible for 1/3 of global food production. The dying off of the honeybee and other insect pollinators could be of dire significance to our global food system and food security
  • Even if you don’t like honey, or consume any bee products, we are reliant on honeybees and beekeepers to pollinate our fruits and vegetables, nuts and even some grains
  • Many of the reasons for the decline in pollinator populations are caused by humans’ impact on the environment
  • Bees are a natural fit for living in the city because they’re shielded from many pesticides and predators, there is a wide variety of food sources and the season can be longer
  • A hive on our roof means honeybees will pollinate local gardens and fruit trees as well as wild flowers in our neighbourhood which will increase food and production of these plants
  • Our city landscape provides a diverse and sustained food source of various flowers throughout the summer. It’s amazing that bees can fly up to 2 miles from the hive in order to locate the most desirable nectar sources

Understanding the bee, their global decline, our role in food security and how urban beekeeping can increase pollinator populations right downtown has been an exciting experience for us and we look forward to the added bonus of tasting the sweet results of their hard work.

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