Busy month ahead

Enjoy our warmer temperatures and take a stroll along Edmonton or Carlton.  It’s amazing how different the neighbourhood is looking.

Our expansion is looking great and continues to be on target. The erection of the steel has been the most visible project and is still going as planned. When you add the concrete sections being poured for the floors and with the stairs and escalators in position — the building is starting to take shape.

Demolition of the existing facility continues as preparation for merging the two buildings is well underway. The steel that will connect the new south building and the existing north building will commence at the end of June and be completed by the end of August. That new crane on York Avenue will be working hard to make this happen as it starts to remove big sections of the existing roof in preparation of this merger. During these summer months, expect some traffic delays so this work can get done. Very soon, once the morning rush hour is over, York Avenue between Carlton and Edmonton will be closed from 9:00 am until 6:00 am the next morning.  

Other not so visible projects that are just as important to the expansion continue as well. Furniture, fixtures and equipment RFPs are being finalized and delivery dates are being coordinated. By the end of June, new exterior RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg signage will be added to the existing building for all our neighbours to see!

Remember to continue to check out our construction cam for daily photos of the expansion site.

Stay Informed