Website Accessibility

RBC Convention Centre is committed to providing a website that’s accessible—and usable—to all visitors, including those using non-visual browsers. To the best of our knowledge, our site complies with  the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (Priority 1). In practice this means that the site adheres to certain common sense rules of web development, of which some examples follow.

  • Relative font sizing. This technique ensures that all visitors can easily change the site’s default font size in their browser.
  • Link text clearly identifies the destination of each link. While this technique benefits everyone, it’s essential for blind and visually impaired visitors using special browsers that can extract a list of links from the page to aid navigation.
  • Information conveyed with colour is also indicated without colour. Another technique that improves usability for everyone, this is especially helpful for colourblind visitors, who can have difficulty identifying links that rely on colour only.

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