Our Guest Experience Promise

Driven by our successful expansion which saw us almost double in size, national and international conventions that may never have considered Winnipeg before have started to take notice. They are coming and we are ready!  So creating exceptional customer experiences and an experiential service has become a priority that is starting to set us apart.

Over a year ago, we connected with the Syer Hospitality Group Inc. which is one of North America’s preeminent authorities of Guest Experience Management. Through consulting, training workshops, coaching, educational seminars and a little mystery shopping, we developed a training plan, policy and promise for all convention centre staff.

“We have always focused on real good service but we realize in order to stay competitive and set us apart, we need to bring it up a notch,” said Carmyn Peppler, Director, Operations, Event Services and Food & Beverage. “We are the fourth largest convention centre in Canada so we need to ensure our service matches our new space. To be seen as a top tier convention centre, we know the importance of making emotional connections with our guests and creating outstanding experiences – every event, every guest, every day.”

All employees including full-time, part-time and partners (ie security, parking and cleaning companies) receive extensive training and sign a guest service promise.

To date, management observations and guest survey results have been impressive and encouraging. “We are confident we are on the right track,” Peppler added.

A.C.E. Ambassadors

The A.C.E. (Achieving Centre Excellence) awards are a way to recognize and reward the employees and partners in our organization for achieving Centre excellence and for their outstanding commitment to the guest experience.

Congratulations to our A.C.E. Ambassadors.

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