A Year of Hard Work Ahead

We are a hearty bunch living in Winnipeg.  With chilly winters and hot summers, we know how to adapt to the conditions. But working outdoors in extreme weather can’t be easy. Thanks to the hard work of the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg construction crew, our expanded facility is almost completely enclosed making it a comfortable working environment on those cooler days.

Construction Update

One room that can be seen from the street level and is still open to the elements, is the new third floor City View room that stitches the current building and expanded facility above York Avenue.  Currently the curtain wall is being installed which means the next step will be glass installation.

Taking a look at the CONSTRUCTION CAM on our website, you can watch the work being done on the snow covered roof.  Work is ongoing and is 60% complete.

Moving inside the building, interior walls and dry walls are going up and are 80% complete. Plumbing, HVAC and the sprinkler system is being installed.  The tender for the kitchen equipment has been awarded and ordering has begun. The furniture, fixtures and equipment selection stage is almost complete. The concrete work in the parkade is complete with the HVAC system now being installed.

Moving across the street to the existing building, renovations and code upgrades are underway and will be ongoing throughout 2015.  The food and beverage concept and design for the café have also been finalized.

With the landscape design complete, it’s just one more piece of the project that continues to come together.

This place is really starting to take shape!! It’s going to be an exciting year around here. Stay tuned for our monthly updates.

Hard Hat Tour


For an inside look at the construction process, enjoy these photos from our latest Hard Hat tour in December.


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