Preferred Partner – Nardella Photography

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Nardella Photography has been creating priceless stories for over 30 years.

Whether it’s capturing an event or taking professional head shots, the RBC Convention Centre continues to use the services of photographer Tony Nardella and is pleased to have his company as part of our Preferred Partner program.

As an award-winning, professional photographer, Nardella has a sharp eye and keen sense that has helped capture the essence of subjects from fashion models and celebrities to corporate CEOs and scientists.

With a skillful mix of directorial, leadership, persuasion and concise communications skills, Nardella knows how to capture the legacy of an event: the emotional and special moments that frame how people will remember the moment and feel about themselves.

Following years of experience as a fashion photographer in Toronto where he managed three studios and worked for nationally acclaimed clients, Nardella returned to his hometown of Winnipeg and currently has a 1200 sq ft studio in the heart of Osborne Village.

His technical savvy allows for maximum flexibility in the images he creates, as demonstrated by their use on billboards, corporate communications, retail POP displays, print advertising, magazine spreads and works of fine art.

The RBC Convention Centre is pleased to have Nardella Photography as part of its Preferred Partner Program.  We encourage you to consider contacting one of our preferred partners as we are confident they would provide you with exceptional service that would help make your event a success.